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Summer nights in the Vatican

Summer nights in the Vatican

Vatican by Night

The nights of the Vatican are unique. From May until the end of July and from September until the end of October, every Friday from 7pm to 11pm it is possible to visit the Vatican in the evening. A perfect alternative cultural plan for hot Friday nights in the Eternal City. This initiative has been running in Rome for a number of years. It was born as a consequence of the impossibility of the Romans to appreciate the art of their own city, as the six million tourists who visit it each year made it difficult to visit the most emblematic places.

Even if you’re not a local you can still go as there is no need to show documents to prove you are from Rome. All you have to do is buy a ticket on the internet from the official website. Discover the nights of the Vatican! Have a unique experience and feel how the magic of every corner envelops you during an unforgettable evening.

The nights at the Vatican

The Roman night is a real blanket of stars over the city and the yellow lights of the lampposts beautify it, enhancing places which during the sunlight hours go unnoticed. In the Vatican Museums you can literally take a walk through history along its 7 kilometres of halls, galleries and picture galleries of incalculable value.

The places open during these special visits are, along with the marvellous Sistine Chapel, the Gregorian Egyptian Museum, where you will find sphinxes from Giza, hieroglyphics and even a bust of Cleopatra and the Raphael Rooms which are on the second floor of the Apostolic Palace and are all decorated with frescoes by the Renaissance painter. It is also possible to visit some of the most important galleries of the Vatican Museums such as the Gallery of the Candelabra, the Gallery of Tapestries and that of the Maps. Also, some of the halls of the Apartments of the Borgias (I, III, IV, XIII, XXVIII) are open, where some of the first representations of the indigenous natives painted after Christopher Columbus returned from the Americas can been seen on their frescoes.

During the Vatican nights, not only do the Vatican Museums open their doors, there are also jazz and choral music concerts at the ‘Cortile della Pigna’, a precious patio with views of the gardens of the papal residence, and in the Gregorian Profane Museum. The Musica dei Musei (music of the museum), as these evenings have been called, have the marvellous collaboration of the Accademia de Santa Cecilia and Il Comitato Nazionale della Musica, institutions with great musical tradition in Italy and more particularly in Rome.

Through the variety of dates and events proposed, the Vatican Museums seek to open their arms to the public and all the artistic and cultural currents of the world. Proof of this are the performances of Argentinean Tango, the Choir of Mosco or of other more conventional styles such as Jazz and band music.

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