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Tips for safe travel in the Vatican

Tips for safe travel in the Vatican

Safety tips in the Vatican

In this report, we offer some safety advice when visiting the Vatican, which, despite being one of the most monitored places in the world, suffers from petty thefts, like all places with large groups of people.

Take care of bags

A visit to the Vatican should be relaxed but not careless and thieves should not be given any opportunities. The basic rules of common sense should suffice.

Be especially vigilant in crowds of people and queues. Watch pockets, bags and purses, and do not leave baggage unattended. Tourists and pilgrims often have small items stolen, and they are very difficult to retrieve as the thief does not have far to go to reach another country.

Thieves do not respect any place, no matter how sacred. Robberies have even taken place in the Sistine Chapel.

Maximum respect

The Vatican authorities take the sanctity of their small State very seriously and they do not accept disrespectful behaviour.
Areas such as Saint Peter’s, the Museums and the Basilica have a very high level of security and the officers are often found in amongst the crowds with the appearance of simple tourists or pilgrims.

Our advice is to respect the places you visit; do not provoke any altercations or act obscenely, as you will be reprimanded and possibly told to leave.

Bus 64

The line 64 connects Termini with the Vatican. This bus is famous for its pickpockets, so look for alternatives or be careful with your belongings. See getting to the Vatican.

Street vendors

During your visit to the Vatican, you may find people who offer products or services directly on the street. We do not want to generalise but we believe it is a bad idea to trust these people because of course you may be deceived.

Our advice is to go to the Vatican well-informed and with your visits booked in advance. In our tickets and tours section, you can find the bookings you need at excellent prices and with the guarantees of leading operators.

If there are any problems

If you have been robbed and want to make a complaint or get advice, we suggest going directly to the Italian police. There are Vatican special corps agents in the Piazza and roundabout. Do not look to the Swiss Guard. They may give you advice but they have other duties.

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