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Religious Gifts and Souvenirs in the Vatican

Souvenirs in the Vatican

A Guide for Shopping Vatican Jewelry and Souvenirs

When you visit the Vatican you will be able to buy religious souvenirs or gifts for you. The offer of religious theme gifts is huge, so we can provide you with some advice about it.

During the typical itinerary of a tourist or pilgrim, the offer of religious souvenirs will be at every corner.
You will see many street stalls, little souvenir shops, large stores with religious merchandising and stands inside the Museum and the Basilica.

Inside the Vatican Museums we will find several sale points with traditional religious souvenirs, as well as an interesting range of books. Inside the Basilica itself we see little shops managed by nuns. One of them is on the way up to the dome.

In St Peter’s Square, at the  Philatelic and Numismatic Office, you can acquire very interesting products related to the world of coins and stamps. The special series are very successful. Recently, the days of Sede Vacante or the election of Pope Francis generated a great demand for products.
Here you can also buy euros which have been emitted by the Vatican, a scarce and valuable product for collectors.

Popular souvenirs

The variety is huge and the prices are varied.
Most tourists buy rosaries, stamps, medals, calendars, t-shirts, posters, crosses… The most popular religious figures are John Paul II, Pope Francis, Pio de Pietrelcina or Mother Teresa.

The variety of jewellery is extensive, and prices can range from a few euros to large sums, depending on the quality of the product. There is always a souvenir for each visitor.


Comparing prices

– As with every place, we recommend comparing prices. This is not essential for affordable products, unless you plan to buy large amounts of them. However, for more expensive items, it is important to compare, as the differences in prices can be noticeable.


– Don’t feel intimidated and negotiate prices. There are shops where prices are tagged and negotiation is less likely to take place. This is the case of the stores located inside the Vatican or the big stores next to the Square. However, bargaining is possible in small shops or street stalls (and you are somehow expected to).

Being successful at negotiating may depend on whether you are planning to acquire many products. If the seller does not wish to reduce prices, you can ask for a small gift.

Blessed gifts

Blessed souvenirs (rosaries, stamps…) tend to be more expensive and it is always doubtful whether they are authentic or not. We recommend buying these kind of gifts in official shops.

Recommended stores

– As part of the offer of religious themed gifts we find prestigious shops such as Savelli, with stores in the Ssquare itself and Vía della Conciliazione 

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