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Best places to eat near the Vatican

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Where to eat Vatican

The option of eating in the Vatican must be taken into consideration when planning your visit. The area is one of the most visited in Rome, and as such it is full of “tourist traps” offering low quality food at very high prices, which can greatly affect your budget.

In this article we will give you some practical advice so that you can eat in the Vatican.

Eating inside the Vatican

It is not permitted to eat inside St Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums and its Gardens, although the prohibition does not include St Peter’s Square.

Inside the museums you will find:

– A self-catering restaurant and cafeteria on the floor below Atrium of Four Gates.
– A cafeteria on the floor below the restaurant.
– The cafeteria “Sixtina”, next to the stairs leading to the entrance of the Sistine Chapel.

A popular place to eat is the self-catering restaurant cafeteria. Everyone has their own opinion, but we think this is a very enjoyable place, with reasonable prices and with the possibility of sitting on small tables outside, next to some very beautiful gardens. It is a spacious and functional shop.
The cafeteria offers hot starters such as pizzas, paninis, salads and sweets. The value for money is acceptable. The dishes are very simple and appropriate for all the cultures and nationalities that visit the Vatican. Toilets are very clean.

Another option is to bring your own food and eat it on the cafeteria’s own tables. There is usually no problem with this, and the security does not prevent you from entering the museums carrying a bottle of water, fruit or a sandwich.

Be careful with prices.

The cafeterias which are nearest to the Vatican’s points of interest are slightly dangerous since they tend to be quite expensive for the quality of food they offer. We don’t want to generalise, but we recommend not to let yourself be carried away and spend some minutes comparing prices. It is normal, in some shops, to pay 50 euros for two paninis and beverages.

It is worth walking a bit more and get away from the most central areas. Do not trust those shops that do not display their prices, or where you see many Japanese tourists.


It is better not to go for the easiest option and walk the adjacent streets . There you will find interesting options at reasonable prices.

In this way, we can visit Plaza del Risorgimento and explore Via Ottaviano and its adjacent streets or go along the streets opposite the Vatican Museum’s entrance (Via Candia, Mocenigo, Tunisi…) in search for a small trattoria or pizzeria. A place called Pizzarium stands out, on Via della Meloria 43, considered the best pizzeria near the Vatican.

On Vía Andrea Doria, five minutes away from the Museum’s entrance, we find the Mercado Trionfale, with over 200 stands and a thousand options to organise a wonderful picnic paying reasonable prices. It is closed on Mondays and Sundays.

Osteria delle Commari, on Via Santamaura 43, elegant and popular among Romans, it offers quality food.

–  Da Vito e Dina, on Via Degli Scipioni, 50, a family restaurant with good value for money.

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