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What attractions require reservations in advance in the Vatican?

reservations in advance in the Vatican

Booking tickets for Vatican City in Advance

Not all tours in the Vatican can take by buying the ticket there and then. In some cases, it is necessary or advisable to book the ticket before travelling.

Vatican Necropolis

Previous booking is mandatory and should be done early.

The Necropolis under the Basilica is very intriguing, but requires a very special booking process. It is possible that you obtain the pass two or three weeks before your visit, but we recommend that you book your tour well in advance so that you are guaranteed to enter on the day you choose.

Papal Audiences

Papal Audiences on Wednesdays is free for the public although  registration in advance in required. It is recommended not to wait until you arrive in Rome to register for it.
There are companies whose job is to manage and organize the transport to the Vatican. Request Papal Audience Tickets.

Vatican Gardens

To visit the beautiful Vatican Gardens you need to  book an official guided tour in advance. We advise the booking of this visit to be done in advance.

The Vatican Museums

In the Museum, you will find a ticket office where you will be able to purchase the tickets.
Unfortunately, people have to queue most days, sometimes for over an hour and under unsuitable weather conditions.
If you don’t mind waiting, this is of course the most economical option. However, if you do not wish to waste time and have some euros to spare, we recommend booking the tickets online or get a guided tour which will also give you the chance of visiting the Museums in depth.

Entrance-free landmarks

You don’t have to book tickets to enter St Peter’s Square or the Basilica. They are both free access and free of charge.
You may have to queue to enter St Peter’s Basilica because of security control, which rarely takes more than half an hour.

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